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Utility Mapping & Surveying

A comprehensive detailed map of anything that is hidden underground

Utility mapping shows the positioning and identification of buried pipes and cables beneath the ground. Combining both mapping and surveying, an extensive detailed map of anything that is hidden underground or in relation to any ground features will be created. 

Why is utility mapping important?

Utility mapping is a survey which uses geophysical techniques to create a digital render of what is underground. 

When breaking ground, knowing the accurate positions of underground utilities is extremely important. Mapping also prevents any digging into or damaging any utilities that may disrupt the public or your workforce. 

Our utility mapping and surveying system can identify buried cables and pipes that are running through a property and their location. These may include power cables, gas pipes, water, telecommunication cables, storm drains, and abandoned or unknown underground services. 

What are the advantages of utility mapping and surveying? 

Not only does utility mapping prevent digging into any utilities, it can minimise project risk and avoids high repair costs. The service will also guarantee a safer work environment by avoiding any unexpected damage. Overall, utility mapping will give you confidence before you dig.

Why choose Provac for your utility mapping and surveying services?

Utility mapping ensures that you will avoid utilities and re-route your plan, limiting unexpected project costs during construction. At Provac, our technical team are all Dial Before You Dig certified. 

We aim to provide leading advancements in the locating technology industry and best practices, to ensure you get the very best labour supported by modern technology. 

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At Provac Queensland, we take away your worry of working around underground utilities, by providing a comprehensive plan for your project. 

Provac provides specialist utility mapping & surveying services throughout the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. For outstanding results, Call us now on 1300 734 772 or contact us online

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are utility markings?

Utility markings account for error, utilities can be properly located and generally found within two feet of the mark (on either side). There should be a 2-foot berth around all markings for precaution.

How can I track underground water pipes?

Utility mapping and locating are used to track underground utilities such as water pipes.

How far are utility lines buried?

Common utility services are buried at approximately 200-600 mm beneath the surface, these may include electrical, gas, water and telecommunication cables.

How to locate underground utilities?

Utility mapping and locating are used to track a range of underground utilities.

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