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Utility Mapping & Surveying

At Provac Australia, we have all the solutions you need for utility mapping and surveying.

We are able to provide innovative utility locating and surveying services for various industries. These include the civil and design, environmental, geotechnical, infrastructure and facilities management sectors.

Locating Underground Services made easy

At Provac, we use industry-leading technology to make sure your project goes smoothly. In our years of service, our underground service locators have assisted with various civil, commercial and Government projects using our utility mapping and surveying technology, giving clients the confidence to plan and implement their projects without issue.

Utility Surveys

Our utility mapping services ensure that all known and unknown utilities are identified and accurately recorded utilising sophisticated geophysical, electromagnetic, and high-frequency induction techniques. These include electricity cables, water pipes, and utility services such as gas pipes.

At Provac, we leave no stone unturned in locating assets. We collect and document data about pipes and chambers, as well as the direction of their flow, conduit sizes, materials, configuration, and utility type.

After this, we then use high-accuracy survey methods to record the position and depth of underground assets with great accuracy. Should it be required, we will also conduct feature and level surveys, and we can link into existing control from an earlier feature survey.

CAD modelling and visualisation

At Provac, we also offer a range of ways to visualise your maps. These visualisations serve to assist with the classification of subsurface utilities and cable locations.

Not only are we able to provide visualised 2D maps, but we also utilise industry-leading 3D modelling technology, and through using it, are able to provide CAD modelling solutions in a 3D format. Our team has a wealth of experience in 3D modelling and drafting projects.

Our 3D viewing options also enable us to keep your data safe and secure for future modelling use. Through our processing capabilities, you are also able to maintain a 3D perspective with one complete data set, and all information is stored in one system that is accessed at the click of a button.

On top of this, you are also able to incorporate feature surveys and laser scan data which gives your asset information a real-world perspective.

Utility mapping from a Before You Dig Australia qualified operator

At Provac, we are proud to be Before You Dig Australia qualified operators, who can ensure the right steps are taken in locating any underground utilities. 

We also assist with preparing Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) plans, and so if you need assistance in organising these, please call us and we will be able to assist you.

Locating underground assets

If you are looking to begin a project, Provac is available to help you with all your underground mapping, utility surveys and scanning service enquiries. Be sure to contact us here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are utility markings?

Utility markings account for error, utilities can be properly located and generally found within two feet of the mark (on either side). There should be a 2-foot berth around all markings for precaution.

How can I track underground water pipes?

Utility mapping and locating are used to track underground utilities such as water pipes.

How far are utility lines buried?

Common utility services are buried at approximately 200-600 mm beneath the surface, these may include electrical, gas, water and telecommunication cables.

How to locate underground utilities?

Utility mapping and locating are used to track a range of underground utilities.

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