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Provac Australia Pty Ltd Service Include:

No matter if you are looking for a safe and effective excavation system or need to know what is below the surface, Provac Australia Pty Ltd has the solution.

Our services have been assisting plumbers, electricians, contractors, excavators, drillers, surveyors, engineers, site planners, town planners, homeowners and many other industries and individuals for years.

Hydro Vacuum Excavations

We provide hydro vacuum excavation trucks which use pressurised water to break up soil and gravel. The high-flow vacuum is then used to suck the soil and debris up and remove it from the construction zone.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR technology uses transmitting antennas to send electromagnetic radiation waves into the ground which detect any utilities, objects, voids or groundwater beneath the ground or in concrete. This works by sending a wave back to a receiving antenna which produces readable data to allow you to understand where subsurface factors are located.

Underground Service Locating

If there are any buried cables or pipelines, the Provac team will find them. We use electromagnetic frequencies to locate underground service lines so that you can dig or drill safely. Whether you are working on private property or on a commercial project, don’t dig blind.

It is also a legal requirement to ring Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) and ask for plans of any underground services in the area you are drilling or digging.

Vac Truck & Excavator Hire

At Provac we hire out our vacuum excavation trucks and excavators for anyone requiring excavations and landscaping.

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