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Mechanical Excavation

Mechanical Excavation Gold Coast

At Provac, we are able to meet your mechanical excavation needs with our various excavators and plant combination options.

If you are looking to move large amounts of earth on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, or the Sunshine Coast quickly, Provac’s fleet of excavators is able to assist, saving you the time and energy that comes with manual digging. Our technicians have over a decade of experience in using various forms of excavation equipment on job sites of varied forms.

These versatile excavation machines can be used for almost any digging project, ranging from landscaping and fence footings to earthwork excavation projects such as establishing the foundations of building demolitions and basements.

Our Equipment

Provac has the excavator to suit your needs and budget, with a wide range of excavators and plant combination options available for hire. Our excavator options are built for use in civil, construction, and trade projects. When one hires an excavator from Provac, we are also able to supply a skilled operator to operate the machines.

Our equipment is of varying sizes, so we are able to handle all projects, no matter how big or small they are. We can provide excavators for hire in Micro, Mini (1.7T), 3T, 5T, 6T, 8-10T, and 14-15T sizes. Provac’s range of excavators also comes with a range of features. It makes excavating easier, no matter the terrain or surface. These excavator attachments can be swapped out as required to suit the needs of the project.

For smaller excavator units such as the micro excavator and mini excavator, Provac is able to team up a micro or mini excavator with other underground earthmoving equipment such as a hydro vacuum excavator system. These combinations provide an excavating solution perfect for small jobs in difficult-to-access areas.

Mini Excavator Hire in Gold Coast

At Provac, we also provide Mini Excavator Hire with our hydro excavator vac truck services on the Gold Coast and the broader South East Queensland region. To find out more, please visit our Mini Excavator Hire page.

Locating underground assets on the Gold Coast

Should the land you are choosing to perform works on contains buried underground utilities, Provac Australia is still able to provide assistance efficiently without damaging underground service locations. To do this, we have a range of cost-effective non-destructive digging (NDD), vacuum excavation, and utility mapping services to complement our mechanical excavation work.

To find out more about the other services Provac provides, please visit our services page.

If you are interested in Provac’s services and want an obligation-free quote, or want to learn more about excavator hire, please contact the Provac team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation, also known as hydro excavation or soft digging, is a non-destructive excavation method that uses high-pressure water and an industrial-strength vacuum to excavate and remove soil, debris, and other materials. The benefits of vacuum excavation include:


● Increased safety: Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive excavation method that minimises the risk of damage to underground utilities, reducing the risk of injury to workers, and preventing costly repairs.

● More precise excavation: Vacuum excavation can be used to precisely locate and expose underground utilities, pipes, and other infrastructure without damaging them.

● Faster excavation: Vacuum excavation is a faster excavation method than traditional excavation methods, such as manual digging or mechanical excavation.

● Less disruption: Vacuum excavation is a less disruptive excavation method than traditional excavation methods, reducing the impact on the environment and nearby communities.

● Environmentally friendly: Vacuum excavation uses less water and produces less waste than traditional excavation methods, making it an environmentally friendly excavation option.


Overall, vacuum excavation is a safe, precise, fast, and environmentally friendly excavation method that can significantly reduce the risk of damage to underground infrastructure and minimise disruption to the surrounding area.

What are the three main types of excavation?

Excavation techniques can be categorised based on their intended purpose, such as foundation, slope, or underground opening excavation. In a broader context, there are three main types of excavation methods: digging, ripping, and blasting.

What is the most efficient excavation?

Hydro excavation is considered the most efficient type of vacuum excavation due to its speed. It can remove soil from sites faster than traditional excavation and air excavation methods, which reduces the need for additional equipment and labour, and allows contractors to excavate effectively.

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