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Why should you dial before you dig?

Why should you dial before you dig?

Whether you’re a big construction firm, a landscaper, a plumber, or simply someone who wants to put up a washing line at home, we’ve got you covered. If you are planning on digging for your project, you need to use Dial Before You Dig.

Once you submit the location you are wishing to dig in, Dial Before You Dig can forward the information to the underground utility owners who will deal with your enquiry immediately once you submit your pick.

The utility companies will inform you whether there are any underground pipes or cables in the region, as well as offer some safety instructions and protocol.

Who are Dial Before You Dig?

Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service that assists underground utility providers in the preservation of their underground networks. These include phone companies, gas companies and electricity providers.

Provac serves as the single point of contact for all underground utility asset owners, you can Dial Before You Dig and make one single call, instead of having to approach each asset owner individually.

Duty of care

There are numerous underground cables and wires beneath our feet, including water pipes, telecommunications wires, electricity cables, gas pipes, and many more. It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid damaging underground infrastructure and avoid the inconveniences which come with them.

With the vast network of cables underfoot, it’s highly likely that if you don’t know where they are, you will hit one. If this is the case, the repercussions can be utterly devastating.

What is the impact of hitting a cable?

  • Until the cable or pipe is fixed, it can halt a service being provided to the local area
  • Your project can come to an abrupt halt
  • You will be given a costly repair bill by the asset owner
  • You could face legal action
  • Your company might experience negative PR from causing the damage
  • Personal injury and even death has resulted from hitting underground utilities

It is always much better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the network of underground pipes which is around. Provac is a Dial Before You Dig-certified company.

So before undertaking any excavation work, call us. Our underground cable location service can help you navigate your project underground in South East Queensland.

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