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Why Is Ground Penetrating Radar Used in Construction?

Ensuring that you’re fully aware of what lies beneath the ground is a critical part of any construction project involving digging or drilling.

Because of this, we provide Ground Penetrating Radar services at Provac Australia, so you’ll always know what to expect when you start digging! Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-destructive technique for identifying underground structures.

The technology can penetrate a variety of materials, including soil, rock, and water. The technology uses the microwave band of the radio spectrum to generate a digital image of the subsurface. By detecting reflected signals from structures below ground, GPR can detect hidden objects, changes in materials, and potential trouble zones. This makes it an incredibly useful tool in construction.

What Can GPR Do?

Ground penetrating radar is a type of electromagnetic evaluation method that can be used to evaluate reinforced concrete structures. It can detect voids in reinforced concrete and identify areas that require strengthening or repair. Additionally, it can be used to detect the presence of buried objects, such as rebar in concrete walls. It can also identify unmarked graves and historical foundations. It is a popular choice for non-destructive testing in the geotechnical engineering and construction fields.

This method sends pulsing radio signals into the ground and receives them at a receiver. A computer then measures the distance that a pulse travels through the material. This information is then displayed on the LCD panel of the ground-penetrating radar unit.

What Are The Benefits of Using GPR in Construction?

Ground penetrating radar has many benefits for the construction industry. First, it produces real-time data, which means no more waiting for results to start your project. This data also provides a clearer picture of the work required and allows construction planners to make more accurate plans. This accuracy helps contractors bid on projects more efficiently, which means more money for them.

Another way ground-penetrating radar can help construction companies is through tunnel inspection. This type of inspection is difficult to perform through conventional methods due to the complex design of the tunnels. By using ground penetrating radar, the construction team can accurately assess the condition of the tunnels and avoid any problems down the road.

What Are The Costs Involved in GPR?

There are a few things to consider when looking at the cost of ground-penetrating radar in construction. While the cost of these radar systems is primarily dependent on the type of construction they will be used for, the quality of the technology and the hardware used in their construction also affect the price. For instance, military-grade radars tend to be more durable than civilian-grade ones, so they can cost more in the short term. However, if you use the radar only once or twice a year, then the cost of a unit will be minimal.

Another factor to consider is the cost of excavation. If the construction team digs up a power line or pipe during excavation, it can be a major headache for the project manager and can cost them a lot of money. This type of accident also puts the project owner at risk for litigation, which can be costly. Ground penetrating radar, however, can help save the day by revealing hazards that might not be obvious at first.

Are There Safety Benefits to Using GPR?

Ground penetrating radar, or GPR, is an essential tool in many industries. Its use eliminates the risks of digging up underground pipes and utilities, which can damage soil, cause a long construction delay, and have major cost implications. Moreover, the safety risk to workers is much diminished—there’s very little chance of accidentally hitting a power line or other hazards that can harm your team.

How Can We Help?

If you’re about to embark on a construction project of any kind, you need to know what’s below the surface of your building site. We will ensure that you are fully aware of any below-ground hazards before you dig. Additionally, the use of GPR fulfills the need for necessary Before You Dig plans. Get in touch if you’d like to request GPR services for your construction project—domestic or commercial.

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