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What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation

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What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation? – It is a form of non-destructive digging which uses pressurised water and an air vacuum.

This form of excavation is a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional mechanical excavation and can prevent damage to surrounding services.

How does Hydro Vacuum Excavation work?

A ‘Vac Truck’ also commonly referred to as a ‘Sucker Truck’ uses a high pressurised water and an air vacuum system to dig in a non-destructive fashion. The water gun is used to break down the earth’s surface and the loose soil is sucked up through a large vacuum which transfers the debris into holding tank on the back of the truck.

The soil that is taken out of the ground is dumped at the end of each day at the appropriate dumping facility.

Why use a Vac Truck?

There are many great benefits to using a Vac Truck for excavations and digging, such as:

  • Safer and easier to dig around underground services
  • Safer for people to work around than regular mechanical excavators
  • Can access areas that are hard to reach for mechanical excavators
  • Create less mess and disturbance to a job site
  • Form of non-destructive digging
  • Can set up and leave sites within minutes
  • Can cost less than mechanical excavations

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