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What is Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar Provac Queensland

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a specialist piece of equipment that uses radio waves to gather data from beneath the earth’s surface. The GPR uses radar waves that penetrate the ground to collect data which displays where any buried objects are.

The GPR is often used by underground utility locators, archaeologists, geophysical engineers, and military personnel. Provac Australia Pty Ltd uses this technology to understand what lies beneath the surface prior to drilling or digging.

How does GPR work?

The GPR projects electromagnetic radiation waves that travel through the subsurface of the earth and reflect back signals and images of subsurface structures. While the GPR device is rolled across the surface of the ground, the electromagnetic waves detect differences within the soil to identify structures and objects such as rocks, pipes, cracks, voids, and any drastic changes in material properties.

View the photo below to gain a visual understanding of how exactly the GPR technology works.

Ground Penetrating Radar Provac Australia

The performance, results and accuracy of GPR rely heavily on the condition of the ground beneath the surface. For example, GPR will project much more accurate and clearer results while being used in sand or soil-based environments as opposed to a rocky based environment. Both sand and dirt allow electromagnetic waves to travel more smoothly and detect any subsurface elements.

Why do we use GPR technology?

At Provac Australia Pty Ltd we use GPR to complement our traditional electronic locating methods. Our service locating vehicles are equipped with a GPR and our team has excellent experience and knowledge in operating underground service locating technology.

We use GPR to identify services that are nonconductive and impossible to trace using traditional electronic location methods. GPR is often used to assist us when we are trying to locate ground water, pipes, other utility service, concrete structures and other underground elements.

Contact Provac Australia Pty Ltd prior to digging

If you plan on excavating or drilling into the ground, it’s please contact our team for GPR and Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) assistance. It’s mandatory to do the research prior to digging so that you don’t accidentally damage any utility or service lines.


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