Vacuum Excavations

Provac Vacuum excavations’ provides the Victoria, Brisbane, Ipswich and Loganregions with a safer option for digging.

Provac Vacuum excavations equipment offers a softer way of digging that is non-destructive.

Vacuum excavation is a low impact, minimally invasivetechnology that has been successfully utilized since the late 1950s for a variety of reasons.

Vacuum excavationis a popular method to use for directional drilling. It is a straightforward and undemanding digging solution for the installation of underground service utilities and to surface the location of existing utilities.

Provac Vacuum excavations offer a more efficient method for exploratory digging and key hole excavating is a reliable service for technicians to make repairs to leaking pipes, pipe joints and fittings and also when cutting off service lines or plugging unused pipelines.

TheProvac Vacuum excavation equipment can provide service technicians with quick access to conduits that house underground pipes, the cleaning out of valves, unchallenging access to meter boxes, the exposing of service laterals for maintenance, the installation of street signs, the expedition of public-works, in instances that involve water, waste-water, storm water, joint leak, or electrical work.


Vacuum excavations have also provided Horizontal Directional Drilling an economical method for removal of spoils as removal and transporting drilling fluid is very common on Horizontal Directional Drilling job sites.

Provac Vacuum excavations output is up to sixteen times of that achieved by other conventional excavation methods. We eliminate the need for costly time-consuming manual labour with our straightforward methodologies and processes pipes no longer have to suffer damage.

ProvacVacuum excavations system works by producing a powerful suction through a wide pipe, which is 30 centimeters in diameter with the suction inlet air speed functioning up to 100 metres per second.

As the high-velocity air stream of the vacuum-excavation system crumbles soil in its path, the powerful vacuum created by the system pulls spoil from the hole-rocks and all. The material pulled up by the vacuum is deposited in a holding tank for removal or for back filling the hole.

Vacuum excavations’ has forever modified the industry’s approach to damage prevention and safety. Provac Vacuum excavations state of the art equipment and technical experts provides the optimal location service and best digging solution for underground locations.

Provac Vacuum excavations offer trade service the edge of advantage by removing the issues most likely to result in accidental damage to utilities and employee injury and the very real drawbacks of being slow.

Provac Vacuum excavationscombine skill and innovation to deliver the highest level of productivity to achieve the best possible result. Our algorithms deliver you a faster and safer service and reduce the costs associated with restoration servicing.

When you connect with the team atProvacyou instantly connect with professionals possessing many years of industry experience.

Provac Australia Pty Ltd is a forward thinking organisation focused on providing you with straightforward solutions that deliver excellent outcomes.

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