Ground Penetrating Radar (Melbourne)

GPR services in Melbourne and wider Victoria give you the full picture

GPR, ground penetrating radar, is quite simply the geophysical technique of sub-surface imaging.

If you require GPR services to be performed anywhere in Melbourne or greater Victoria, before you begin any excavation work, Provac are at the helm to provide you with timely and accurate reports.

GPR gives you a deeper understanding

When you have construction plans, it’s important to get a thorough understanding of what is going on beneath the surface. You have a duty of care to ensure that any excavation work or activities undertaken do not affect the underground networks or utility services.

How does GPR work?

GPR, ground penetrating radar is a sophisticated and non-destructive method of sending tiny impulses into the ground and recording the strength and time taken for the signal to return.
GPR, ground penetrating radar can locate both metallic and non-metallic underground utilities.

When you might use GPR, ground penetrating radar in Melbourne or greater Victoria

GPR is a great way to locate buried water pipes. Water pipes can pose a significant issue if damaged. The water pressure in a water pipe is high, so imagine if you were to commence excavation work without knowledge of a waterpipe below.

If the water pipe was compromised and broken, it could result in water escaping in a high-pressure situation, taking with it dirt and surrounding debris. Not only would this pose a significant threat to the workers and those in the vicinity, it can also create a whole host of other issues.

A burst water pipe can release pressure that might disturb other underground utilities, and thus a costly repair bills will be coming your way.

GPR can also assist with the location of power cables

GPR, ground penetrating radar, can also identify underground power cables. Power outages can cause much inconvenience to those affected, so it is important to identify the location of any underground power cables before undertaking any excavation or digging work in.

GPR gives you the bigger picture

For a non-destructive, accurate and efficient way to get a deeper picture of the underground environment, call Provac for our GPR, ground penetrating radar service. We cover all areas throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria.

All our technicians are Dial Before You Dig certified, so you are in good hands.

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