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Provac is the industry leader in vacuum excavation and underground utility location services in Melbourne and greater Victoria.

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Image: Provac Australia Vac Truck in action, Melbourne, Australia, 2019 What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation? Hydro Vacuum Excavation is the process of digging holes in the ground using pressurized wat
What is Ground Penetrating Radar? Ground Penetrating Radar, most commonly referred to as a GPR, is a geophysical tool that uses radar pulses to collect data from beneath the subsurface. A GPR is util
vacuum truck excavation
What Is a Vac Truck and When Would You Need One? What is a vac truck? You may or may not have heard the term, but a vac truck (or vacuum truck) performs a very specific and important task. Vacuum tr
Vcuum Excavation
Why should you dial before you dig? Whether you are a large construction company, a landscape gardener, plumber or you’re a home owner that wants to install a washing line. If you are planning on d
Vacuum Excavation
What are the dangers of hitting an underground utility Don’t let an exploding housing market become a real explosion. Australia is experiencing a residential construction boom. With house prices s
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Avoid Expensive Repairs With Underground Service Locating Excavation is a necessary, but often risky process. In modern developments there are numerous services and utilities located underground, suc