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Jet Rodding

Jet Rodding Gold Coast

Jet rodding is the process of clearing clogged pipes, plumbing systems, and blocked drains using state-of-the-art high-pressure water systems.

This process stands out amongst the other methods of drain cleaning and pipe cleaning on offer as it gets in hard-to-reach places with ease and removes unwanted obstructions using unique spray patterns, yet is more gentle than traditional plumbing systems used for blockages.

How jet rodding works

Jet rodding is the procedure that is often chosen by professional plumbing teams as it offers a powerful yet extremely efficient and versatile method of clearing hard-to-break debris and blockages. The jet rodder is guided to the source of blockage by CCTV drain cameras and can detect future blockages.

From regular blockages caused by hair, grease, and soap scum to larger blockages caused by the likes of tree roots, jet rodding offers a solution to break through the clogs and wipe a drain or pipe clear for prolonged use. The industrial standard high-pressure water jetter used by Provac can apply over 5000 psi of force to remove even the most challenging debris.

Industrial jet rodding services

At Provac, we employ high-pressure water jetting to unblock underground assets such as sewer pipes and stormwater pipes and return them to good working conditions.

Sewer drains

These drains are typically located within or underneath buildings and serve the purpose of transferring sewerage to sewer mains or septic tanks. These blockages are generally caused by debris buildup, broken and crushed pipes, or foreign objects such as tree roots entering the pipes.

Stormwater drains

These drains collect water that builds up on the roof of a property and run through separate pipes into sewer pipes. They mainly connect to stormwater pits or flow into roadside gutters. Blockages of these pipes are generally caused by foreign objects such as leaf debris and tree roots or through cracks and breakages in the pipe.

Drain jetting on the Gold Coast

If you are looking for jet rodding services on the Gold Coast or the broader South East Queensland region for your home or business, we recommend you contact Provac. Our blocked drain plumbers can assist with your enquiry and unblock drains of any size in no time.

In addition to our drain jetting services, Provac is the South East Queensland region’s industry leader in vacuum excavation and underground service and utility locating, with over 15 years of experience in performing these services. To see what services Provac offers, please click here.

To get an obligation-free quote on jet rodding services, please contact Provac today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is jet rodding?

Jet rodding, also known as hydro jetting, is a method of cleaning pipes using high-pressure water streams. It involves inserting a specialised tool called a jet rodder, or hydro jetter, into the pipe and using a high-pressure pump to generate water streams that can blast away any debris or buildup obstructing the flow of water. The high-pressure water streams can break up even tough blockages, such as tree roots, grease, and mineral deposits. Jet rodding is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for cleaning pipes and maintaining plumbing systems. It is an effective and efficient method of cleaning pipes compared to traditional methods such as snaking or using chemicals.

What are the advantages of rodding?

Jet rodding offers several advantages over traditional methods of pipe cleaning, including its efficiency, effectiveness, non-invasiveness, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. It is a fast and safe method for maintaining plumbing systems and removing tough blockages.

How does a jet rodder work?

A jet rodder uses high-pressure water streams to clean pipes and remove blockages. It consists of a water tank, high-pressure pump, hose, and nozzle. The operator feeds the hose into the pipe and blasts away debris and buildup with the high-pressure water stream. It can also be used for cutting through materials or removing paint and graffiti.

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