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Four facts about hydro vac trucks

Vac trucks use high-pressure water to cut and liquefy soil before removing the debris from the excavation site.

For many years, traditional methods of excavation were used on construction projects and in other industries. But as the demand for less invasive methods began to grow, so too did the popularity of equipment such as hydro vac trucks. Thanks to this new equipment and technology, it became possible to lower many of the risks associated with exposing and digging near to underground utilities, whilst also saving time and money. Read on to find out more about vac trucks and why they have become so popular in many industries and projects around the world…a

1. Technology allows for precise excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation makes use of high-pressure water to loosen the soil and dig into the ground. The excavated material, which is typically wet and muddy, is suctioned into a tank, which is mounted onto a truck, and transported offsite where it is safely and neatly dumped. Thanks to the modern technology that is used on these trucks, excavations can be performed with extreme precision. The process is also relatively quick, and tends to save time and money thanks to less labour, backfill and environmental impact when compared with other methods.

2. Popularity rose first in cold conditions

Although hydro vac trucks are used widely in Australia, it is interesting to note that the use of this equipment first rose in popularity in Canada where many traditional methods were proving ineffective in very cold conditions. Hydro excavation works very well in a broad range of conditions, including frozen soil. In fact, hot water can be used in cold conditions, as it aids the melting process. Now, hydro vacuum excavation is used all over the world in many industries, from oil and gas to construction.

3. There are a range of vac trucks available

With the rise in popularity of hydro vacuum excavation, there are now a number of different models of vac trucks available. Each model differs slightly in terms of its level of vacuum, as well as its water pressure and particular capacity for water and debris, but when it comes to function, all vac truck ultimately work in the same way.

4. The biggest benefit is safety

When it comes to using a vac truck, the biggest benefit is that this method of excavation is extremely safe. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to dig very accurately around any existing utilities without damaging the infrastructure of a building or causing harm to anyone working at the project site. This level of safety, combined with less environmental impact and minimal mess and disruption all make vac trucks a very appealing option on a broad range of projects that require cost-effective and accurate excavation.

How can we help?

At Provac Australia, we offer a range of services, including the hire of vac trucks and excavators. If you have a project that requires a combination of hydro vacuum excavation and traditional mechanical excavation, you might consider our vac truck excavator combo units. These combo units are available in 3000L and 5000L vac tanks paired with 1.7-ton excavators.

Our mini excavators can be easily loaded and unloaded onto the truck bed with board ramps, which makes them a very cost-effective option.

If you would like to find out more about the vac trucks that we have available for hire, please have a look here.

We also offer a range of other services, including hydro vacuum excavation, underground service locating, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and utility mapping and surveying. To find out more about these services, please have a look here.

We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan and other areas of South East Queensland. To get in touch for more information or to request a quote, please contact us here or give us a call on 1300 734 772.

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