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Non-destructive digging excavation vehicles are often referred to by a variety of different terminology within the industry.

VAC trucks are often utilised to clean and remove sludge from a location and into its tank. The VAC truck draws liquid from the bottom of a tank and injects it with air, causing solids to break down into smaller particles that can settle out easier. It also makes it simple to relocate it from one site to another.

VAC trucks employ cyclonic separation technology to remove liquids from solids as they leave the chamber at high velocity. The majority of VAC trucks are employed in tank cleaning, although they may also be utilised for maintenance and inspection tasks. They can also be used to empty liquid tanks, including sewage and septic tanks, water tanks, and flooded locations.

Vacuuming Trucks

Vacuum (VAC) trucks are frequently utilised in big-scale liquid and sludge cleanup as well as in industrial settings for water suction or debris removal. For swiftly cleaning sites in environmental calamities, VAC trucks are quite beneficial.

There are many distinct types of vacuum trucks on the market, each with its own set of features. Because they specialise in specific applications, they have characteristics that are tailored to them. They include on-site storage tank cleaning, digging deep holes/excavations faster and more efficiently using less manpower by removing huge amounts of dirt in one go.

Cyclonic Separation Technology Sucker Trucks

These trucks use VAC trucks separate liquid from solid with cyclonic separation technology, which exposes liquids from solids as they fly out of the vacuum chamber at high speed. Their cyclonic technology forces all the air out through a fine mesh filter before it exits into another storage tank, ready to be collected again later.

NDD Trucks

Non-destructive digging (NDD) trucks are also known as “sucker trucks” since they have a vacuum that is employed to remove dirt from driveways and other surfaces while traveling in circles or in a straight line.

By using keyhole technology to identify underground services and guaranteeing no damage even to the thinnest underground cables, our truck operators will make certain that we do as little harm as possible.

The first step is to blast the earth with high pressure water, which helps to break it down. NDD trucks can then remove debris like as boulders, metal pieces, bricks, and even glass bottles without causing damage to your driveway!

How Provac can help

Provac is here to help you get the VAC truck, NDD truck or other appropriate technology that you need for your construction site in South East Queensland.

Provac has friendly staff who will provide expert advice about choosing the right vacuum truck system for your needs! At Provac, we’ve got over 20 years of experience in delivering non-destructive digging and excavation machines across Australia and can assist you with your demands.

Call us today on 1300 734 772 if you would like an NDD truck hire package quote which includes delivery, setup & collection at no extra cost.

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