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How underground service locators help avoid hazards?

The image displayed above is a great example to show what sort of utility grid can be drawn up from using underground service locator technology. Having a map displaying where all utility lines are underground will prevent damage to any lines or pipes.

Excavating or drilling blind can be extremely dangerous if you hit a gas main or electrical wires. For example, electrical conduits are only half a meter deep below the surface and even street signs generally require a footing of at least 350-400mm, which would make it an extremely close call.

In fact, did you know a strike on a high-voltage underground cable can be a matter of life or death! A risk like this can be completely eliminated when the appropriate steps of the protocol are followed.

How can danger be avoided while digging or excavating?

Whenever a contractor or homeowner is breaking the earth’s surface they should always hire an expert underground service locator. An expert will only cost a few hundred dollars and a couple of hours on site, however, this will go a long way in protecting yourself and the others around you.

In the result that you do not follow the correct procedures and locate any relevant underground services prior to digging, you may be risking serious injury, death and fines.

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If you need to excavate, it’s important to know what is below you. Find out by contacting Provac and using underground service locating technology.

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