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About Us

Who is Provac Australia Pty Ltd?

Provac Australia Pty Ltd was founded with a vision for preventing damage to underground services. We believe this truly contributes to safe and economically feasible outcomes which benefit companies, governmental agencies, contractors, homeowners and the communities we serve. This is why we offer solutions to hydro excavation and prevent damage to any underground service safely.

Our business has been built based on providing the best service with strong ethics, and we have earned the reputation for consistently delivering quality underground location and hydro vacuum excavation services.

Our entire team is guided by strong core values that embrace Safety, Quality, Value and Integrity. Our policies and procedures guide us through our everyday practices and all of our services offered at Provac.

Which regions do we service?

We service South East Queensland, including:

  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  • South Brisbane
  • Ipswich

Who does Provac help?

Over our years of excavation and underground detecting services, we have assisted plumbers, electricians, contractors, excavators, drillers, surveyors, engineers, site planners, town planners, homeowners and many others undergoing private or commercial projects.

Provac’s work spans over multiple industries, including construction, mining, property development, civil engineering, trades and more.

How we set the benchmark in the industry for both standards and professionalism

Provac Australia Pty Ltd is a forward-thinking business, valuing each of our individual employees who are all workplace training certified. We invest in our employees with ongoing regular training programs to provide new skills and knowledge to ensure our technical team are at the forefront of underground locating knowledge to meet every jobs needs.

Provac technicians’ exercise exceptional precision, giving you confidence that your assignment will have the highest level of workmanship. We can find any hidden underground cables, pipes or any other underground issues you may run into while excavating with precision and accuracy.

We provide every customer with the answers they need when they need it, and our quick response gives you the confidence that your service assets are safe.

Our main services include:

Provac provides vital service options for commercial business across all industries as well as residential homeowners in:

  • Locating Underground Services
  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation
  • Directional Drilling
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Jet rodding

Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Exposed utilities
  • Cleaning drains
  • Clear blocked pipes
  • Slot trenching
  • Pot-holing
  • Drilling mud removal
  • Wet/Dry Vac
  • Site cleanups
  • Utility hole cleanouts
  • Hydrant cleanouts pit removal
  • Pit and conduit cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Postholes
  • Colour CCTV
  • Jet rodding and slurry sucking
  • Plus more…

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