Cable Location

There are millions of miles of underground utility service lines and buried facilities including electricity, gas, water, sewer, TV, high-speed internet and telephone landlines in Australia.

More and more cables are laid underground and in an underground environment you are dealing with significantly greater distances, volume and complexities of underground services. It is now even more vital that underground locators are proficient with their technology, their skill and their customer care.

“Did you know it is illegal to drive in a star picket or fence post etc., on your construction site, private or public property or even a clothes line in your own back yard without current dial before you dig plans onsite?”

“Provac Australia Pty Ltd are experts in locating underground cables and the detection of underground services.”

Provac Underground Cable Location Services comprehend the many factors that influence the accuracy of locating underground services and our success is in the quality of training we provide for our technicians.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation - Gold Coast - Cable Location
Hydro Vacuum Excavation - Gold Coast - Cable Location

Provac Underground Cable Location operators execute their practices with accuracy and precision and our algorithms ensures every ones safety.

Provac Underground Cable Location Service is a forward thinking organisation, valuing each individual employee. All our key personal are workplace training certified and we invest in our employees with ongoing regular training programs to keep our technical team at the forefront of underground cable locating knowledge to meet the needs of every operation for now and in the future.

We set the benchmark in industry standards and professionalism. Our business is based on the foundation to serve our customers and we do this in a pivotal way by consistently up skilling and developing our team with safety training and the necessary skills to improving our performance.

Provac Underground Location Service technicians’ exceptional precision instills you with confidence that your underground assets and plans are detected and conveyed with accuracy.

Our insightful methodologies and state of the art detection equipment is our advantage. We combine skill and innovation to deliver the highest level of productivity to achieve the best possible result.

Provac Underground Cable Locating technology can distinctly detect hidden underground cables, pipes or any underground issues with exactitude and efficiency.

Provac Underground Cable Location service offers vital insight before you start construction, property renovation, landscaping, outside plant environments or excavating for any reason and we can give you valuable insight into your sites underground service activity and cable locations.

Provac Underground Cable Location services can save you time and the extreme expense to have a company repair an accidentally severed cable and provide you with an optimal safe environment for yourself, your business.

Provac Underground Cable Location operators are skilled experts committed to providing our customers with the very best solutions and care.


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